HypnoBirthing® Testimonials

"Mark and I are both so grateful to you for teaching us how to have absolutely lovely births. I have recovered super quickly - I was taking a shower and walking around within a couple of hours - and feel so lucky when I hear about most non hypnobirthing stories. We've learned how to assert our needs and wants, work with my body and deal calmly with whatever is thrown at us. Hypnobirthing benefits don't stop at the birth!"
Amelia, mum to Cassia

"We’ve done it! Amazing, amazing, amazing hypnobirth in Brighton hospital last night . . . Thank you so, so much Karen, and hope every one else’s birth goes as well. Will right up the story in full, beautiful detail when less tired!"
Ruth, mum to Samson

"I also want to thank you so much for the course I don’t know how my birth would have gone if I hadn’t done the hypnobirthing but it was amazing and perfect and I can’t wait to do it all over again. I don’t know how you do it but it is magic!!"
Katie, mum to Bertie

"At one point I actually thought to myself, “wow, I’m breathing this baby out and I’m loving every second of it” . . . I never thought I’d say that a few months ago! I was very much in my own world with my eyes closed, I had one hand on my belly and one band on my baby’s head whilst he gently made his way into the world. We just wanted to say a huge, huge thank you for everything you taught us and the knowledge you imparted on us. Before the labour we had a few rough nights in hospital but I was able to stay very calm and relaxed using all the HB techniques. And although we had an induced labour as opposed to a natural one we were so well informed we knew that all the steps that were taken were the right ones medically and we were able to accept the decisions made without fear. Despite everything I would hand on heart say Harley had a beautiful birth and I truly would of done it again the next day!"
Chloe, Harley’s mum

"Thanks again Karen - you’ve really helped to make both of our birth experiences two of the most incredible days of our lives. I can’t rave about hypnobirthing enough"
Anna, mum to Tilly

"Once again a huge thank you for all your help and support, we cannot recommend yourself and Hypnobirthing highly enough to people. The whole experience has changed our lives and needless to say Peggy is of course a calm and happy hypnobaby!"
Hannah, Peggy’s mum

"Hypnobirthing has been very helpful in our experience. I found that I needed movement, deep birth breaths and low and loud tribal noises to see me through each surges. Matt was amazing at coaching me through, making sure my breathing was calm and deep and, if ever I slightly lost my way with my breathing, he very quickly got me back on track. Fear was definitely out of the equation. I wouldn't describe the experience as painful either. Just extreme intensity and power."
Tonwen, mum to Elwen

"Just thought I would let you know that Rhiannon and Simon had another successful HypnoBirthing experience last Friday when they had a baby daughter, 6lbs 8oz and she is beautiful . . . Rhiannon's home birthing team midwife said that she did not have to do a thing, just observed, she said Rhiannon knew exactly what she was doing and let her body tell her what it knew how to do. All the rest of my friends' daughters have been giving birth the hard way . . .not one of them would listen when Rhiannon and I told them it did not need to be the painful route! hey ho……..perhaps they will listen this time around, knowing it was not a fluke and that she has now delivered 2 healthy little girls without pain!"
Heulwen, Grandma (and birth companion to her daughter, Rhiannon) to Martha Ffion

"Karen, I can't thank you enough for everything you've enabled me to do! You've taken me from being terrified of giving birth outside the medical model, to being able to give birth confident in my body's abilities to cope! Hypnobirthing officially rocks, as do you!"
Dom, mum to Kitty

"Karen, I really do thank you and the hypnobirthing programme for all your help in giving us a birthing experience which left us in good spirits and feeling totally in control of the process - I did not even break into a sweat. As someone with a terrible fear of hospitals and "white coat syndrome" I really did think I would go to pieces on the day despite all the training and very nearly called you the week before for some extra coaching - we both look back with such clarity on the whole event and feel such a tremendous sense of achievement and without hypnobirthing I know this would not have been possible."
Melita, mum to Heidi

"I would never have believed I could have experienced childbirth in such a stress-free and natural way. In my previous experience I had been extremely afraid and in labour for 18 hours, resulting in gas and air and an epidural . . . I am sure it would have been far quicker and less stressful if I had known about HypnoBirthing techniques and the other knowledge I gained about natural birthing.
Stacy, 2nd time mum to Bobbie

"Massive thanks Karen.  Amazing! Can't believe it worked so well I had to deliver the b****r!"
Julian (by text!) – announcing the birth of his 2nd son, Bobbie (and his new incarnation as midwife!)  following a 1 hour, 40 minute labour

"She [The midwife] said it had been a pleasure to be involved and that this was what midwifery was all about. I felt on a high all that day whilst Nick and my Mum were exhausted! Rosanna has remained just as chilled out as she started.
Thank you very much Karen!!"
Emma, GP and 2nd time mum (first baby born via Caesarean) to Rosanna

"I am extremely pleased that I used HypnoBirthing for my first child.  I believe this enabled me to remain calm even when the special circumstances came to light and I had to go to hospital.  I also believe the calm and relaxed birth has helped us deliver a very chilled out little boy."
Juliet, first time mum to Oliver. Click here for the full story!

"Thank you for your help and support.  The HypnoBirthing visualisations and breathing techniques were invaluable to me during the birthing experience.  I felt relaxed, full of energy and able to cope with the lengthy birth.  Indeed, the midwives commented that they could not tell when I was experiencing surges."
Joanne, first time mum to Emily

" . . . thank you again for your guidance and support during my birth regarding HypnoBirthing.  Although the birth was not as planned due to last minute complications I strongly believe that the preparation we did and I followed helped extensively.  The breathing, visualisations, music and focus really assisted . . . he is the calmest, mellowest baby.  My notes say 1.5 hours labour, 4 minutes birth!  The elation is still with me – such joy and delight, so special – and no stitches!"
Miky, first time mum to Ralph


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