HypnoBirthing® Testimonials

"I would never have believed I could have experienced childbirth in such a stress-free and natural way. In my previous experience I had been extremely afraid and in labour for 18 hours, resulting in gas and air and an epidural . . . I am sure it would have been far quicker and less stressful if I had known about HypnoBirthing techniques and the other knowledge I gained about natural birthing.
Stacy, 2nd time mum to Bobbie

"Massive thanks Karen.  Amazing! Can't believe it worked so well I had to deliver the b****r!"
Julian (by text!) – announcing the birth of his 2nd son, Bobbie (and his new incarnation as midwife!)  following a 1 hour, 40 minute labour

"She [The midwife] said it had been a pleasure to be involved and that this was what midwifery was all about. I felt on a high all that day whilst Nick and my Mum were exhausted! Rosanna has remained just as chilled out as she started.
Thank you very much Karen!!"
Emma, GP and 2nd time mum (first baby born via Caesarean) to Rosanna

"I am extremely pleased that I used HypnoBirthing for my first child.  I believe this enabled me to remain calm even when the special circumstances came to light and I had to go to hospital.  I also believe the calm and relaxed birth has helped us deliver a very chilled out little boy."
Juliet, first time mum to Oliver. Click here for the full story!

"Thank you for your help and support.  The HypnoBirthing visualisations and breathing techniques were invaluable to me during the birthing experience.  I felt relaxed, full of energy and able to cope with the lengthy birth.  Indeed, the midwives commented that they could not tell when I was experiencing surges."
Joanne, first time mum to Emily

" . . . thank you again for your guidance and support during my birth regarding HypnoBirthing.  Although the birth was not as planned due to last minute complications I strongly believe that the preparation we did and I followed helped extensively.  The breathing, visualisations, music and focus really assisted . . . he is the calmest, mellowest baby.  My notes say 1.5 hours labour, 4 minutes birth!  The elation is still with me – such joy and delight, so special – and no stitches!"
Miky, first time mum to Ralph


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