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About HypnoBirthing®


"The Gold Standard of Childbirth with Hypnosis"

HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method provides mums-to-be with techniques that enable them to experience calm, comfortable childbirth. 

These easily acquired skills will free you from the fear and tension which prevent the muscles of the body from functioning in the way nature intended.  During the 12-and-a-half hours of HypnoBirthing® classes you will learn how to achieve the kind of free-from-resistance relaxation which enables a birthing body to get on with its job without being hindered by negative conditioning of the mind.

The act of birthing is natural and safe the vast majority of the time and the ability that HypnoBirthing® will give you to relax deeply will enable your mind, your body and your baby to work together in confidence and harmony.

Working with your body rather than against it

This might sound wacky and 'new-agey' but it's actually based on very simple science and biological principles.

The philosophy behind HypnoBirthing is that when we are fearful stress hormones are released as the body prepares itself to fight, flee or freeze.  In this state most of the blood and oxygen are diverted from parts of the body which are considered non-essential (such as the uterus) for immediate survival to the major organs and extremities.  As a result the muscles tense and start to work against each other and the body experiences pain (and as athletes know, when lactic acid accumulates and the blood flow fails to clear the build-up, then pain occurs). 

Fear is the enemy of the birthing room

A 'fearful' woman is less likely to have a straightforward birth experience because the fight or flight response (which is a quicker-than-thought mechanism for survival) will take the fear to mean that it is unsafe to birth and the body will react accordingly. Conversely, when a birthing woman is free of fear her muscles have plenty of oxygen and can remain in the relaxed state essential for comfortable, straightforward, fearless birth.


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